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Thank you for continued interest in the Eastside Rail Corridor
The Snohomish TImes

snohomish tracksThank you for meeting with City Councilmember Dean Randall, City Manager Larry Bauman and me in your Capitol office on February 13. We appreciate your continued interest in the Eastside Rail Corridor’s potential for improvements that will make public passenger services feasible as well as help to preserve the corridor for freight use and trail development.

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In Focus
Rail has a role in the region's future
Cascadia Center

trainIn a series of op-eds in The Everett Herald, Cascadia Center makes the argument for role that rail has had (and can continue to have) in the Northwest. The first, "Let history be our guide," describes how the region's past success with rail can and should guide its future. The second article, "All aboard together," focuses on how the region can partner -- across juridsictional and public-private lines -- to ensure a future for rail.

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Transportation Spending Is the Right Stimulus
The Wall Street Journal

During this time of economic uncertainty and record federal deficits, many question why America should invest aggressively in infrastructure. The answer is simple: Whether it involves highways, railways, ports, aviation or any other sector, infrastructure is an economic driver that is essential for the long-term creation of quality American jobs.

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